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Kalman Radio 91.5 FM

9 Jun - 2009

Rating: 3.88/5 (17 ) 

Kalman Radio 91.5 FM:

Kalman Radio brings you daily only the best house music from Bosnia.

This radio was listened for 300 times. If you want to find out more about Kalman Radio 91.5 FM click here to visit the official website!

Comments in Kalman Radio 91.5 FM:

Comment Author: Lettice

9 Jan - 2014

Last one to utlziie this is a rotten egg!

Comment Author: Selasa

10 Jan - 2014

Okay, I love this post (as I do with ALL of your posts)---but I totally<a href=\"\"> remmeber</a> the moment when I felt like I really had learned to make the lines how I felt they should go. And, I<a href=\"\"> remmeber</a> being so critical of myself in figure drawing too---and finally, it clicked and I realized I captured the model differently than the awesome people surrounding me, and that was okay. And, I loved the stuff about the line work you talked about---and advice to skip the sketchy/hatched lines and to just go for it. Once I learned that tidbit, I was so happy and it was so freeing! Right?!Ahhh... I love that you tapped into all of this fun stuff. You, my dear, need to teach classes again someday. And, really, in this blogging world, you are teaching. So, keep on keeping on. And, we, your fans, will be right here cheering for you!p.s. no! I\'d never heard of Maira Kalman!? Where have I been? I love her work now and she\'s a new favorite. THANK YOU for introducing her to me.p.p.s. can\'t wait to see your letter you did! wish I could have been there to see them all too. p.p.p.s. I just wanted to add another post script because I could. the end. happy wednesday.

Comment Author: Destrey

27 Jan - 2014

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Comment Author: Jacoby

1 Mar - 2014

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