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G-RADIO available here !!!

8 Feb - 2011

Rating: 4.75/5 (4 ) 


New GayRadio in Europe!

This radio was listened for 18 times. If you want to find out more about G-RADIO click here to visit the official website!

Comments in G-RADIO:

Comment Author: AC Black

2 Jan - 2013

AC Black formed in the late 90\'s and signed to Motown Records identical twins Alvin and Calvin Waters, Doug Grigsby and Doug Knight was one of the last self-contained R&B groups, along with Mint Condition and Tony! Tony! Tony! They went on to work with Micheal Jackson, Back Street Boys, Ne-Yo, Sean Piddy Combs, Ciara etc. Now they are back with a real sound of pure Soul for the new single entitled Crazy Blue. Click on link below to listen to track:

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