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29 Apr - 2009
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Rating: 2.94/5 (52 ) 


NEWSTALK 93FM is a talk radio station from the city of Mona, Jamaica.

This radio was listened for 622 times. If you want to find out more about NEWSTALK 93FM click here to visit the official website!

Comments in NEWSTALK 93FM:

Comment Author: peter shaw

16 Jun - 2009

please speak proper english on this radio station because people are listening from all over the world. Boost up jamaica

Comment Author: jamaican breed

28 Apr - 2011

Peter shaw. Yuh bright an well outta orda

Comment Author: Maxilous

24 Oct - 2011

What is the number to call live?

Comment Author: Maxilous

24 Oct - 2011

Big up Herbs yu talk up di things dem how it really go

Comment Author: annavictorious

6 Feb - 2012

You need to put your contact info on your website.

Comment Author: No acess

11 Mar - 2013

Cannot axess on iPhone

Comment Author: Albert Morgan

1 Sep - 2013

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