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ZIP 103 FM

28 Apr - 2009

Rating: 4.18/5 (120 ) 

ZIP 103 FM:

ZIP 103 FM is an alternative radio station from Jamaica.

This radio was listened for 1703 times. If you want to find out more about ZIP 103 FM click here to visit the official website!

Comments in ZIP 103 FM:

Comment Author: i love this radio station

7 Jul - 2009

i think this station is very good u play most of my song i tell all my friends about u and they all tune in and they love it so keep up the good work '. i listen to u when iam feeling home sick which is all the time but u make me feel like iam right there thank u for leting me feel like iam there home that is one love.......

Comment Author: Jayme Williams

6 Aug - 2009

Everytime I visit Jamaica, where my husband lives, This is the only station we listen to. I love it- it's better than the stations here in the U.S.- I'm happy I can listen to you here in New York via the internet. Makes me feel like I am in JA. Thanks

Comment Author: Peta-Gay Jackson

11 Aug - 2009

I love this station. It is the best, reminds me so much of home!!! Can't wait to go back home now!!!

Comment Author: bad bad fi real long time mi kno hear dem yah tune yah man ! respect zip all d time !

13 Oct - 2009

nuff respect zip keep it up ! yuh a gwaan good !

Comment Author: Usa Crew

18 Oct - 2009

I am enjoying the vibes . Your bringing back memories of when i use to live there.

Comment Author: otel clifford

28 Oct - 2009

this is truely the best, just like home or more yet home at live at the tip of your fingers....... big up yard every time......

Comment Author: Angel finga london England

7 Nov - 2009

zip103 big up! mad juggling,hot new track mi log on almost every night mad....

Comment Author: STERO MELLOW sound London England

16 Nov - 2009

loving the vibes, reminded of been in ja asylum.

Comment Author: lade` Epiphany

17 Nov - 2009

just like when am in Jamaica man so near but still so far but it warms the heart fi real to be able to hear all this reggae station. Keep it up Zip you doing great!

Comment Author: great great great!!!zip 103 great all the time

5 Feb - 2010

rite now a di greatest radio station & when me start play on it its gonna have the greatest slector on

Comment Author: mad

22 Mar - 2010

mad zip 103 make mi feel like florida a ova gola august town

Comment Author: joe-zii

7 Apr - 2010

zip is crazy! its good


19 Apr - 2010

when mi play to my american frenz dem, dem seh it should be playing over here in america

Comment Author: Sheldon

2 May - 2010

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Comment Author: zip mi say zip mi say yo know that

18 May - 2010

rite now di great thing a zip zip if love zip if fun zipi if bed a wat do dem zip yo a di greatest radio staion in a JA

Comment Author: laura

14 Jan - 2011

just started listening to you from tonight, was lovin the reggae but now you just start playin bloody usher dance tune!!

Comment Author: castle productions

11 Aug - 2010

zip dem other radio station just a flip zip have the big tune dem fi spank dem like a whip big up to zip the real radio fi di ppl dem

Comment Author: need dis shit on digital radio yo....

15 Sep - 2010

big up the station 1 love

Comment Author: dj begle

20 Sep - 2010

great vibz it the z 103

Comment Author: money duss

21 Nov - 2010

big up dj rush i hav 2 song on you tube look for money dust

Comment Author: Jessi-boo!! :)

3 Mar - 2011

I totally luv zip!!!! if anuh zip mi nuh waa hear nuttin!!! I luv u Liquid!!! u rock!! =)

Comment Author: dache

3 Mar - 2011

i love zip wit out waaaaaaanning !!!!!!!!!!!! zipppppppp itttttttt defffff miiii lol

Comment Author: britneybritish

10 Mar - 2011

i enjoyed listening to zip so over i month ago i paid for subscription on my BB until now i cant get the email with me code number.... zip unno dont mek me call unno!!!!!!!!

Comment Author: THEONA

7 May - 2011


Comment Author: Alondra Gutzmore

10 Jun - 2011

I listen to Zip 24/7 @ work, on the road, while reading a book, while eating, while hanging with my friends, i know i sound crazy but zip puts me to bed every night. :-)

Comment Author: mark

28 Oct - 2011

zip a d real #1 station enuh . mi dey a di home n lison it every dey zip in my ears . big up all zip family mad a road

Comment Author: rosie

28 Sep - 2011

Zip is the #number (1) station of cours it plays in a formular way, more times when it take commercial break a just can\'t wait till it chip in back to play the foward baddest song..... dis jockey dem bad too!!!!!! i listen to irie fm and other stations also.

Comment Author: DJ FRIKIE of sierra leone airport junction

13 Oct - 2011

i wish 2 be like zipfm djs one day pls i u guys 2 me jingle and also sound effects

Comment Author: tashai

11 Sep - 2011

yeeeeeoooooooooow its like a zip inna mi ears up innna zip 103 we gone again zip a shot dont//

Comment Author: alecia reid

29 Jul - 2012

love this station

Comment Author: rvibes from outta eltham ocho

19 Dec - 2012

zip a the boss a you say run road like jop a swear dwee zip zj chrome wah wah a madthing man loud but zip a swear mi have a new upcomong artise him bad listen to hi view him on youtube on send him aroad a swear dem call him colourredz youtube him now him bad plus as mi seh a zip ru road a swear deff them big to all zip staff on have a happy chrismas listen colourredz send him a road on a me the new upcoming disk jock rvibe bless

Comment Author: dj rvibe from outta eltham

19 Dec - 2012

zip a the baddest dem cant go round that a wah do them a swears peeps zip mek yuh feel nice everytime

Comment Author: Eldora

5 Jan - 2014

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Comment Author: Sidali

8 Jan - 2014

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Comment Author: Iza

9 Jan - 2014

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Comment Author: Olivia

25 Jan - 2014

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Comment Author: Jimmy

5 Feb - 2014

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Comment Author: Brandie

1 Mar - 2014

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