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Radio Gangsta

31 Mar - 2009
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Rating: 4.59/5 (17 ) 

Radio Gangsta:

Radio Gangsta is a web radio from Romania that delivers manele, dance, club, electro.

This radio was listened for 103 times. If you want to find out more about Radio Gangsta click here to visit the official website!

Comments in Radio Gangsta:

Comment Author: daniela

5 Feb - 2010

de la daniela din husi [plopeni]pentru iubirea mea crist de la epureni cu msgul esti dragotea vetii mele ingeras

Comment Author: dydyx

14 Apr - 2010

De la dydyx din slatina ptr sora mea cu sms te iubb fa naroada mea:x

Comment Author: aladin

30 May - 2010

pentru toti tovarasii meiii

Comment Author: alin

13 Sep - 2010

pt iubirea mea tatiana cu multa dragoste

Comment Author: üzenet

6 Nov - 2010

Sziasztok.Már egy ideje hallgatom eme remek rádit. Nálunk itt magyar honban is vannak hasonló rádiók. De ez nekem valami fantasztikus élményt nyújt.Csak ez a rádió szól nálam.Mert a hazai kereskedelmi rádiók.Nagyon erőltettek és egy hangúak.További sok sikert kivánok mindenkinek.

Comment Author: te iubesc

27 Nov - 2010

te iubesc din toata inima

Comment Author: ionita flori

11 Apr - 2011

de ce nu merge radio gangsta

Comment Author: DarleneFaulkner19

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Comment Author: Ronalee

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Comment Author: Kishan

5 Feb - 2014

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Comment Author: Kerryn

1 Mar - 2014

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