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Impact Radio 98.5 FM

24 May - 2009

Rating: 3.31/5 (78 ) 

Impact Radio 98.5 FM:

Impact Radio 98.5 FM is a talk radio station from Uganda.

This radio was listened for 696 times. If you want to find out more about Impact Radio 98.5 FM click here to visit the official website!

Comments in Impact Radio 98.5 FM:

Comment Author: Doreen

15 Nov - 2009

Impact Radio is my number ONE Radio. I don´t know what i would have done without it. When am listening to it though am far away in Berlin, i feel am back home in UGANDA. When Pastor Sserwada is on LWASA MAYINJA, I feel like am just inside Victory Church Ndeeba. I thank God for Impact Radio.

Comment Author: Solomy

19 Nov - 2009

We thank god for impact radio we are blessed to have it.When Pastor Gyamada is on lunch hour we feel great hear in london god has been good to us through impact radio.We are playing for you Pastors and may the lord bless u all.

Comment Author: NINA JOYCE M. MUTEBI

14 Dec - 2009

Praise God. Impact Radio is heard widely even where I am presently - Los Angeles. I listened to the Family matters program last week and it was spot on with Mrs Sserwadda and Mrs Walusimbi. Greetings to them. I dont miss my "Lwassa mayinja" surmons by Pr. Sserwadda. And of course, Mwaana wa mwami program. Long live Impact Radio!!!! Happy Xmas. God bless.

Comment Author: Tonny

1 Dec - 2009

impact radio does a great job for people in the UK. we can listen to all programmes. these days the signal is on and off throughout all programmes, this just started when victory website was upgraded. we ask those in charge to do all they can to imporove the signal as it used to be.

Comment Author: SSANDE

4 Dec - 2009

impact radio is so good and is my number one radio

Comment Author: Enos from dubai

24 Dec - 2009

thanks so much for ministry its really touching my life as an individual keep the the good work of our lord jesus


26 Dec - 2009

Thanks for the minstry,it has really touched my life though am far away . Keep up the good work

Comment Author: Nina J.M. Mutebi

4 Jan - 2010

Happy New Year to our Pastors: J. Sseradda & Mrs, Mukiibi, Hanna, Bujingo, Mukiisa, the entire Victory Church congregation and the Impact Radio listeners. I was able to follow the whole Namboole Passover service through Impact Radio here in Los Angeles. Great! Lets praise our living God for the service this Radio is delivering to those near and far. God bless.

Comment Author: NORAH MWASE

26 Feb - 2010

i am real very happy to listen to radio impact.most especialy when pastor JAMADA is uplifts me when am much depressed. may he continue to pray for us who are in japan as you well know that its a budhists country.i give glory and honour to JAHOVAH God in jesus name amina

Comment Author: Cathy

12 Jan - 2010

I like most of the programmes but am not happy with the midnight prayer pastors because they are too rude to people rushing them to talk and hanging on them as if they r on business to get as my clients as possible. Please adjust and try to be spiritual. pastor Bujingo is too spiritual i like him and is exceptional from the above mentioned. Please look into it. Thank you.

Comment Author: Cathy

12 Jan - 2010

Nambole pass over festival for the past years has always been soo good but for 2009 was little not good as the hosts speech and sermons were more of political than spiritual. Thank you

Comment Author: Cathy

13 Jan - 2010

its not really ethical not publish ones post yet its open to the whole society my views were not considered yet they need to be looked into. what do u want me to do? to put it in the news papers? Thank You

Comment Author: SUSAN

26 Feb - 2010

i thank God for every thing that has enabled me to live up to this day today with my daughter kentril,the situation out side country is not so good especialy for single mothers ,i always listen to radio impact ever since i got it,its like two months back. i will continue to listen to radio impact. may the almight GOD bless the efforts of all the pastor who have worked tirelessly hand in hand without giving up than merely fill filling a post,may THE ALMIGHT JAHOVAH GOD CONSIDER THEM.

Comment Author: Tonny

17 Feb - 2010

cathy this is not a battle ground, use this forum to talk positive. we are based in london and we appreciate impacts efforts plus the money they put in to keep the station online.

Comment Author: Moses Asiimwe of HOIMA

20 Mar - 2010

I wish to thank God for the gift of Pastor Serwadda Joseph for the vision he gave him to start this valuable radio in the names of Impact FM. Indeed I learnt a lot and have continues to learn a lot from this radio. I used to believe that satanic ailiments could only be cured using satanic means, and that diseases like fever could not be prayed for, and that it was a lie that people could be healed of AIDS. But the time I spent in Kampala listening to this radio, enlighted me a lot. May that good lord we believe in add more wisdom to our pastor to be more innovative, God bless all those involved in making this work a success.

Comment Author: Daniel Katongole Nkwata

28 Mar - 2010

Impact Radio makes my Day. It is my home station, Even when I'm in Gulu, I listen to it via Internet. God has blessed me and my family through it. Carry on Pastor Serwadda, God bless you.

Comment Author: jarule

1 Apr - 2010

i cant listen radio via internet what happened

Comment Author: susan in japan

27 Apr - 2010

am in japan , to the organising committee. i feel so sad when like you are ready to listen to radio impact and the line is not going through,is there any way you can assist us to receive our life line please?

Comment Author: carol katamba

9 May - 2010

what an inspiration,we listen to encouraging messages from this radio,keep it up impact radio God bless.

Comment Author: Oliver Saunders

15 May - 2010

Radio impact is my companion till late, and building my spiritual being,God bless pastor Serwada

Comment Author: Evelyn

14 Jan - 2011

Thanks radioimpact for midnight prayers, really uplifting, rejuvenates my spirit. Thank u midnyt crew, all Pastors - thank U; Pastor Freda thax for the msg last,thax to the Pastor who led prayers after Pst Freda; To the Visionary..many thax 4 being a yielded vessel..May God continue to annoint u all.....May God bless u

Comment Author: Agnes Naluyange

7 Jun - 2010

Iam so greatful for all what the good LORD has done for me & my family here in Danmark & in Uganda. And most especially to the God chosen radio Impact radio, Pastor & mrs frida Serwada i love you so much. Through this radio i gave my life to christ, it was a big challege for me by done, because the sorroundings & the people around me were telling me how i lost my mind. Bt thank GOD for His grace i did not give up & He has never givenup on me. i thank GOD for pastor Jamada all the other pastors and the entire staff of Impact radio. May the LORD keep, protect, presserve you and give u open Heavens in Jesus amen.

Comment Author: Luyinda Moses

3 Aug - 2010

I love Impact FM, especially the 11pm word from Pr. Joseph Sserwadda. He is really a God sent pastor to Uganda. the only pastor in Uganda who is still on the bible truths. I love his administration, the way he relates with fellow pastors (pr. Bujingo, Pr Mukiibi etc) He has really groomed them and now Uganda has a future. May God bless you all

Comment Author: tinah

17 Aug - 2010

Cathy-it is good to express your views but you have gone too far. If you feel your not comfortable with their services move on and look for a better place where your views with be looked at as a first priority. On impact these men and women of God are doing their best to serve God. we have to look at God and not what the servants of God do. and with the Nambole festival -we give with love- and we give God-and we dont look at what they are doing with what we have given becuase we have done it for the Lord. so if your decide to give -give with love and dont let the other hand know about your giving -because -it is between you and your God. So stop counting on what is being said on the festival. We serve aliving God and A God of all seasons. All listeners of impact -praise Jesus and remember God is the only judge - he loves us no matter what----and he said that -it only through him that we shall be able to reach the father impact is used to lift spirits, give love, care, and to praise the lord. but not to critisize so deeply like that- i remember even jesus was mocked, spitted at, beaten with sharp objects but he did it for love-so by his strokes we got healed and saved. praise jeus

Comment Author: kasiita george

19 Aug - 2010

God bless impact fm and the people of uganda

Comment Author: Asobola of münchen

26 Aug - 2010

IIthank God for the online radio without it it would be hard to renew my mind i wish to thank pastors of victory i pray with you . This ministry has made me what iam spiritually God expand victory and give wisdom to all pastors long live impact and Alpha FM

Comment Author: ssemusu peter

30 Aug - 2010

thanks impact, when i listen to it i feel just fresh in otherwords when i want to be or feeel fresh i tune to impact ssemusu peter in northern sweden

Comment Author: Kitatta D.Matte

31 Aug - 2010

Thanks alot for your progs. for they make me complete and at home even when am faraway.Have just tuned in and listened to Pr. Jamada but was only glory and therefore be to the almighty.(frm Iraq)

Comment Author: Alice

5 Oct - 2010

Hello, I cannot get Impact anymore since the site was upgraded. I do not know if it\'s a general problem. I miss the programming. Otherwise God bless you for serving the world.

Comment Author: Masaaka Daniel

23 Oct - 2010

A very brilliant radio on internet. Be blessed all Impact Radio workers more so Mr&Mrs. Pastor Serwadda.

Comment Author: samuel

24 Oct - 2010

Oh my God this is wonderful am now receiving this station in full swing many thanks to you for your great work you have done may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you Amen.

Comment Author: samuel

29 Oct - 2010

please the technians help us and put the sound right it\\\\\\\'s mixing with ubc transimissions thanks.

Comment Author: ikyowayi bonny

31 Oct - 2010

my thanks goes to pastor Joseph and the management of the radio station to enable as access the source of every wisdom wherever we are. Although busy at most times with studies, i can still access my favorite radio.

Comment Author: chris waisi

9 Nov - 2010

thanks impact team for the great work, am glad i can keep in touch with what is happening in Uganda thru your wonderful efforts. Bravo. Chris. Germany

Comment Author: Vivian

1 Jan - 2011

i thank God 4 this radio.God bless u all

Comment Author: Everest Arinaitwe

27 Jan - 2011

i thank God for Pastor Seruwada and Pr. Bujingo u make my life confertable when i attend your preachings God bless you.

Comment Author: Pius Nsubuga

27 Jan - 2011

Dear pastor Jamada I long to see you and to listen to radio prayers lunch time ,Is that still happening? I\'m in south Africa even since 2004. I would like to have pastor office contact details beside that I would also like to request for healing prayer for my work colleague whose child has been diagnosed with tumar in her Brain. nothing doctors can do to save the life of young girl Kelly Harker she is a twin young one age 10yrs she need disparently prayers .thanks Pius.

Comment Author: Sylvia Nassozi Brown

7 Feb - 2011

I thank God for Pr. Sserwadda and Fridah and all other Pastors of Victory Church Ndeeba for the wonderful prayers they do pray for us and Impact FM for the good work u re doing. God bless you always.

Comment Author: THANK YOU ...

22 Feb - 2011

Thanks for the good work, IMPACT FM. But kindly let Pr. Sserwadda reduce on the too much politics in his sermons, especially the politics of eulogising and bootlicking longstandign African dictators for own gain. It bores us stiff, esp. we who are interested in the word of God. He can sing his love for politicians with his his wife at home. God bless. Fred Kitimbo

Comment Author: eric nyanzi

21 Oct - 2011

I like your commitment, compassion and creating hope to your listeners

Comment Author: DOREEN

3 Jun - 2011

Praise Jesus, really we appreciate the wonderful job you are doing for us. If i here the message you always say on Impact Radio, i feel comfortable and please may God bless you God\'s servants

Comment Author: Sara Elaine

31 May - 2011

Could you please try and change the recording for the 3.30am preachings, we have listened to the previous one for over a month now! Iam sure you have many recordings of Pastor Mukiibi and Pastor Freda Serrwada but why keep on repeating the same for over a months now!

Comment Author: MUKISA

28 Oct - 2011

Thanks be to God who had the good plan which he passed through pastor serwada to set up Impact radio!!!! I can\'t surely sleep when impact radio is not on. It has good programes especially the nihgt prayers and lunch hours.These programes have fully liberated me from evil spirit chains. GLORY BE TO JESUS Mukisa Akim Bugiri , Buwunga sub county chalua village

Comment Author: Mbaalu Christopher

13 Jan - 2012

It has impacted my life here at University Mak.

Comment Author: Mukisa

28 Oct - 2011

My concern is all about Cathy. My beloved sister or mumm because I don\'t know you,please I request you to seek apastor and be prayed for so that you do understand God. Am sorry to say that but you should get serious and also know that any one who works on the radio must greatly be concerned about time and so that is why the pastors you\'re blaming rush the callers. That is very open and esy 2 understand.Thanks. MUKISA from Bugiri

Comment Author: Egita Esther

5 Oct - 2011

Thank s especially for the women conference it has been very inspiring and educative please keep it up.I believe next year will even be better. Thankyou Pr.Dr.Joseph Serwada and Pr..Freda Serwada. 05/10/2011 Kampala -Uganda

Comment Author: Okuna Emmanuel

27 Oct - 2011

I wholesomely thank God for Impact Radio,a timely voice to nations of the world today. I have been blessed, healed, restored and encouraged through the air waves of IR. I thank God for mummy eva as well for her God led messages that bring healing and deliverence to many pple. God mightily bless.

Comment Author: Claire Kentwiga

28 Oct - 2011

its so sad abt Bishop Michael Mugerwa\' God z gud

Comment Author: Rebecca in Seeta

19 Sep - 2011

Praise the Lord! Tx4 d great service!I missed Haji Nsereko Mutumba\\\'s show this morning with Mr Serubiri.Could u kindly get me his mobile no & I pass him his info & ask him my question direct; or give him mine he calls me on 0772 655 009. I shall be very grateful if u do.

Comment Author: khaukha timothy eric

18 Mar - 2012

pr Joseph s this campaign of reconciliation begins with u lets begin with pastors reconciliation conference before we preach 4 national reconciliation,the Rwandan revival started with a conference which was attended by Anglican leaders this is a fact and there is evidence

Comment Author: Sylvia Brown

11 Dec - 2012

can u please direct me on how to listen to impact radio on line

Comment Author: Diana

23 May - 2012

I love dis radio..its changing me into someone God wants..all pastors dat pray for us..we are so vry grateful..Pastor Brian Mike Migadde..mukama akuwe omukisa..Pr. Mukisa, Joseph, Mukiibi, etx

Comment Author: SSEKITO DRAKE

26 Oct - 2012

thanks to pastor serwada through his preaching i got saved glory be to the lord jesus,namboole 2011 never left mi the same coz i prayed to God to get me a job in kampala and exactly thats what he did.Glory be to u almighty God.i luv u

Comment Author: Lunyolo Catherine

23 Oct - 2012

We sorrow and deep grief I have leant of the dimise of Josephine Wanyana, Pastor J Serwadda & Mama Freda and the entire Radio & Church fratenity I say sorry may God have Mercy

Comment Author: vickie

25 Oct - 2012

we appreciate you people for having a heart for many that you dnt even know God bless you richly and continue praying for us we want to see big and big mountains taken away from our lives.

Comment Author: Sarah Nabawesi

29 Jun - 2012

Ho to God be the groly, impact radio is the only radio i listen to. and i love all my pastors so much, may God bless you as many times as you want,and may every one who listens to impact radio get what he/she wants.

Comment Author: jackie mayatsa

24 Nov - 2012

praise Jesus the son of the living lord ,testimony i had a long due salary but this week frida 23.11.12 pr Mukisa prayed on radio en he prayed for those that had due salaries,debts. en the lord did it for me got my due salary that day thnx to God . thank u impact as well for that love .

Comment Author: claire Debrah

19 Aug - 2012

may the good Lord mighty bless our pastors and everyone that works at impact radio and even those who support it financially, u keep us going

Comment Author: Alex R

21 Aug - 2012

A couple of years back,Pr Selwadda called for passports for those who wanted to travel.I took mine to his office in Ndeba,he prayed for me and told me to back home coz it\'s done.He said.Two weeks later,the good Lord used some one to connect me somewhere.I testify that as I write this,I work and live abroad.The glory goes to God.

Comment Author: Betty Muliro

17 Dec - 2012

I love impact radio for its educative programmes especially Mwana womwami

Comment Author: Lydia Namagembe

5 Feb - 2013

I love the programme of where member call in on sunday after prayers and share their sermonies from different churches

Comment Author: yosia

16 Mar - 2013

This is how far evangelism has gone in Uganda-Africa!! Thank you impact family 4great work done.i am abroad&i\'ve benefited greatly through lunch hour fellowships&rwasamayinja online.Thank you Jesus because your hand heals till the ends of the earth.

Comment Author: lynn

28 May - 2013

To God be the Glory I give thanks to My God he has been so faithful to me and I pray that my faith in him grows stronger each passing day.

Comment Author: muzei michael-bugiri,uganda

4 Jul - 2013

the glory be to God for giving the operators of that radio that enabled me to be where am i now,praise the lord.

Comment Author: thanks radio impact for the good mesages you give to us i pray to god to keep keep it on and reach s

13 Aug - 2013

I would like to know if there is anybody who knows or has cds, for preaching messages.

Comment Author: thanks radio impact for the good mesages you give to us i pray to god to keep keep it on and reach s

13 Aug - 2013

I would like to know if there is anybody who knows or has cds, for preaching messages.

Comment Author: thanks radio impact for the good mesages you give to us i pray to god to keep keep it on and reach s

13 Aug - 2013

I would like to know if there is anybody who knows or has cds, for preaching messages.

Comment Author: Roy Nakangu

15 Sep - 2013

Praise da Lord! Am roy from kuwait n i thk u pastor sserwada m mam faridah 4da great job u do.of preachg Gods msg.waoooh may da Lord reward u abandantly..n plz da listeners o dis radio abroad,i kindly ask u to help us wiz codes or steps u took to connect it plz so dat we may al match 4God...b blessed.

Comment Author: Pastor Charles

10 Dec - 2013

we are lucky

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