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.977 The Oldies Channel

23 Feb - 2009

Rating: 3.97/5 (38 ) 

.977 The Oldies Channel:

.977 The Oldies Channel is all about Oldies music. Listen now to the best.

This radio was listened for 1856 times. If you want to find out more about .977 The Oldies Channel click here to visit the official website!

Comments in .977 The Oldies Channel:

Comment Author: dicktpe

3 Jun - 2009

Fantastic radio! Especially for a Rock n Roll fan like me!

Comment Author: bob dunford

13 Jan - 2010

sir is it possible to have your program on my windows media player.where i can store the music i love.

Comment Author: Rick Shuler

14 May - 2010

Les you and your organization have done it again. The oldies are great, audio perfect and the concept inovative. But I should know that my homeboy would shoot for the best.

Comment Author: Benny Usman

4 Jun - 2010

I.m Indonesian. LIVE IN AKARTA Now. I m listening your radio. Ilike oldies couse I\'m 57 year old.

Comment Author: Leo

10 Nov - 2011

Listening loud and clear here in Ponce Puerto Rico. Buen trabajo, in other words Gooooooooooood Job.

Comment Author: Waldinei Botelho

21 Jul - 2011

I\\\'m from Brasil. I like oldies. .977 The Oldies Channel the very best.

Comment Author: Benny DSouza

15 Aug - 2011

I am from India, this is my all time best moments listening to .977 Oldies Channel Thank you for playing those lovely songs.

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